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Store, archive, retrieve and share data without worries.

The smart storage service uses a mix of network based storage solutions from different providers (eg. MIT, ICTS, SURFsara). Powered by the Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS), end users do not have to worry about physical storage location, backup and replication. Metadata and enrichment with ontologies ensure compatibility with the FAIR principles.

Storage infrastructure

Several storage solutions are available and transparently connected within our infrastructure. In a personal meeting we compose a mix of storage platforms that best suits your situation. We have the following flavours to combine from:

  • Spinning disk storage hosted at UM
  • Spinning disk storage hosted at azM
  • Tape archive hosted at SURFsara (coming soon)
  • Object store hosted at UM (planned for Q2-2019)

Each storage flavour can be configured with or without replication. Prices range from €15 to €320 per TiB per year, depending on the exact composition for your situation.

Project data organisation

By uploading data to DataHub, your data will be organised into projects that consist of data collections. We provide user friendly ways of annotating research data with metadata. Adding metadata to the Smart Storage service has several benefits:

  • Save time; It will be easier for you to retrieve your research data, even if you worked on it several years ago.
  • Increased visibility and impact; Sharing your data with colleagues or externals will be easier.
  • Good Research Practice; Scientific integrity and confidentiality of your research will be ensured
  • Linked Data; Since DataHub enriches metadata with information from ontology systems, the metadata become interoperable and both human- and machine-readable.
  • Interoperability; Combining (aggregating) results across data sources or research domains becomes possible
  • Reproducibility; Your (meta)data becomes compliant with the FAIR data principles.

Archiving and long term storage

Some research groups are primarily interested in archiving of research data in (open) repositories. The current DataHub smart storage solution can be used as a closed repository for long term storage. "Closed" meaning that the data is not open to the world and not accessible by anonymous users. Since requirements for archiving vary between research projects, we will have a meeting first in which we discuss:

  • The time period for the long term storage (3 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc.)
  • The storage hardware that will be used
  • The costs involved

For projects that are required to make their data Open Access, we can provide you with advice on which external repository (general purpose or domain specific) is best suited for your data.

Standard service

  • Intake meeting to discuss your (group’s) situation.
  • Forms to request new projects.
  • Creation of new projects and access for you (and your colleagues).
  • Ability to store and retrieve your data in a secure manner.
  • Add metadata using our webform.
  • Drag & drop your research data.
  • Uploaded research data will be saved in readonly mode to prevent data loss (Write Once Read Many; WORM) Versioning mechanism coming soon.
  • 100 GiB per actively participating research project member free of charge (according to UM CvB policy, coming soon).
  • Default price is € 320 per TiB per year (composition: spinning disk storage at UM, 2 times geo-replicated).
  • Advice on archiving data at external repositories.

Customization (mutual investments required)

  • Connecting other storage solutions.
  • Customized data policies (e.g. transfer the data after X months to the cheapest storage solution).
  • Prices ranging from €15 to €320 per TiB per year depending on your requirements and preferred risk level.
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DataHub Maastricht

Visiting address

P. Debyelaan 25
6229 HX Maastricht
L. van Kleeftoren | 2nd Floor
route 11 Maastricht UMC+



  • 2019-Q1: Scale out storage to SURFsara tape archive
  • 2019-Q1: Self-service data export from DataHub smart storage to external repositories
  • 2019-Q2: Extending the metadata concerning provenance and versioning