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Pseudonymise or anonymise person identifiable data.

Due to privacy concerns and regulations regarding the storage of identifiable information, DataHub makes sure that all data is properly pseudonymised or anonymized before being stored in the DataHub infrastructure. To help you with the pseudonymisation of your study subject DataHub uses of a Master Person Index (MPI). The MPI is a versatile platform for person record linkage and management of personal information and personal identifiers originating from different data sources.This software replaces the study subject demographic information with a unique identifier. This identifier then allows us to aggregate data for this study subject without using identifying information. 

Standard service

  • Use of the Master Person Index.
  • Automated HL7 pseudonymization
  • Pseudonymization based on existing HL7 template

Customization (mutual investments required)

  • Pseudonimization of custom data formats
  • Use-case specific matching algorithm
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