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To submit jobs to the Life Sciences Grid, a user has to possess a valid X509 certificate. The certificate acts as your electronic identity on the grid and has to be treated carefully. Consider it as your "grid passport" that allows you to access each grid resource without having to login.

Grid certificates are supplied by a Certification Authority (CA). For Maastricht University (and most other dutch universities), this is Digicert.


  1. Send a request to the LSG-team using this form. We will make sure that your UM-account will be enabled to use the Digicert Portal.
  2. As soon as you receive the confirmation that your account has been enabled, open the Digicert site in Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  3. Enter "Universiteit Maastricht" as Identity Provider and press “Start single sign-on”
  4. Enter your Maastricht University username and password and press login
    When you login for the first time, you will be asked to share your details. Press “Yes, share this data”
  5. At the “Request a Certificate” screen you choose the product “Grid Premium”
  6. Press the “Request Certificate” button
  7. The certificate will be installed in your browser. 
    Now you have to export and convert it to the .pem format. For instructions, click here
    We recommend to protect your userkey with a password!
  8. Copy the usercert.pem and userkey.pem files into the /home/username/.globus directory on the UI-machine.
  9. Change the permissions of both files as follows:
      chmod 644 usercert.pem
      chmod 400 userkey.pem
  10. Continue with the topic Virtual Organisations in the menu on the left of this site.


Important notice!

In case your private key gets compromised or lost, it is highly recommended to revoke your certificate as soon as possible! This can be done at Digicert.

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