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Dear DataHub user,

On Thursday July 5th the iRODS production environment will be down from 09:00 till 12:00 due to maintenance. As a result, none of the actions below are possible:

  • create or access dropzones
  • start an ingest
  • request or view data sets

All running ingest operations will be cancelled on Thursday July 5th at 09:00 and will have to be restarted later.
All queued ingests will be put on hold until the maintenance is finished.

Therefore please don't start an ingest larger than 250GiB after Wednesday 17:00. Ingests larger than 1TiB shouldn't be started after Tuesday 19:00!

We will inform you as soon as the maintenance has been finished.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused,
Please contact us at with questions or remarks.

Best regards,

Maintenance is successfully finished. DataHub services are available again. In case of any anomaly, please send a mail to

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