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DataHub metadata catalogue provides insights in collected MUMC+ research data.

The DataHub data catalogue will provide you, as a researcher, with an overview of research data that has been collected within the MUMC+. The catalogue offers you an opportunity to find out if suitable data for your proposed research is already available for reuse or combination. DataHub currently deploy's two different catalogues: The Data warehouse and DISQOVER. The Data warehouse is the first generation of the DataHub catalogue, it provides you which an overview of all metadata available in the DataHub infrastructure. It makes smart use of ontologies so you can easily find your own data and data of others that you are interested in. DataHub also provides you with DISQOVER. DISQOVER is already our second generation metadata catalogue. DISQOVER aggregates and links public, in-house and third party linked metadata. Using DISQOVER as your starting point, you can search for your favorite gene, protein etc. and look for linked datasets that has been collected by your MUMC+ colleagues. The increase of the amount of data can help you to get novel scientific insights. Due to the fact that all datasets are accompanied by contact information, the catalogue will also allow you to contact the creators of the data to set up new and extend existing collaborations. The data catalogue also allows you to keep track of the data you gathered yourself. It will improve the impact of your research through data reuse by other researchers (including more citations). A dataset that has been added to the DataHub infrastructure is always accompanied by metadata, so in the data catalogue you can always find back what you did and when you did it.

Visit https://disqover.dh.maastrichtuniversity.nl (VPN required outside of MUMC+), type your keyword(s) and start searching.

Standard service

  • Search through the metadata catalogue based on DISQOVER.
  • Your metadata is visible for whole MUMC+.
  • Linking your rich metadata to public and in-house data.
  • Find data sets that were added by yourself or other MUMC+ research groups to the DataHub infrastructure.

  • Visual analytics, a wide range of chart types that can be used on your metadata.
  • Every data set added to the DataHub infrastructure automatically gets assigned with a Persistent Identifier (PID).

Customization (mutual investments required)

  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) your metadata into DISQOVER.
  • Custom views on your metadata.
  • Configuration of specific authorisations on your metadata.

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DataHub Maastricht

Visiting address

P. Debyelaan 25
6229 HX Maastricht
L. van Kleeftoren | 2nd Floor
route 11 Maastricht UMC+

Visiting address

P. Debyeplein 1
6229 HA Maastricht



  • 2018-Q2: Go-Live Ontoforce Disqover 4.00
  • 2018-Q3: Authentication via SURF-Conext