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Use DMPMaastricht for creating, reviewing and sharing DMPs.

Funders increasingly require their grant-holders to produce a Data Management Plan (DMP), both during the bid-preparation stage and after funding has been secured. A DMP helps you to manage data, meet funder requirements and help others use your research data if shared.
To support researchers to produce an effective DMP, DataHub provides the web-based tool DMPMaastricht, based on the DMPonline tool. We ease the burden on the researcher by providing institutional guidance and example answers.

Standard service

  • Ability to create, review and share data management plans.
  • Easy to collaborate with internal and external experts on your data management plans.
  • Specific guidance for the question from funding agencies.
  • Tailored guidance and example answers for the question from DataHub, CTCM, MEMIC and the Research Office.
  • Templates of several funding agencies, currently ZonMw, NWO and European Commission (Horizon2020).
  • The created data management plans are stored on the local DataHub servers.

Customization (mutual investments required)

  • Personal advice to help you write your data management plan via our partners CTCM and MEMIC.
  • Personal advice to help you write a data management paragraph as part of your grants proposal via our partner the Research Office.
  • Ability to add templates from other (funding) agencies.

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Visiting address

P. Debyeplein 1
6229 HA Maastricht

Contact details

Telefoon: +31 (0) 43-387 20 40

Visiting address

Oxfordlaan 70
6229 EV Maastricht

Visiting address

L. van Kleeftoren | 5th floor
(route 11) | Maastricht UMC+



  • 2018-Q3: Support organisation in place
  • 2018-Q2: Upgrade and soft launch
  • 2018-Q1: Contract and setup