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Use our online and onsite collaboration facilities for knowledge exchange.

Various stakeholders meet and can challenge each other in the area of FAIR data. The combined expertise in the triangle of research, clinic and support enables the "hands-on" development of a sustainable generic but modular extendable research data management infrastructure. To facilitate knowledge exchange between the various stakeholders and collaborative product development, DataHub is actively hosting an online collaboration environment (Confluence) and also facilitates an onsite office space, all aiming at knowledge transfer.

Standard service

  • Knowledge base with manuals, standard operating procedures and in-depth background information.
  • Bi-monthly information sessions including 1-on-1 discussion of your specific use case.
  • Website with general information.

Customization (mutual investments required)

  • Become part of our community and work onsite with our multi-disciplinary team on your specific use case.
  • Get a seat at the table: join discussions on development roadmaps, architectural decisions, standards and more.
  • Have your say: vote on new features and organisational priorities.
  • Access, maintain and extend the DataHub document management system.
  • Rent your own (project's) collaborative editing environment on our Confluence / JIRA system.

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DataHub Maastricht

Visiting address

P. Debyelaan 25
6229 HX Maastricht
L. van Kleeftoren | 2nd Floor
route 11 Maastricht UMC+



  • 2018-Q4: Improve design of the knowledge base
  • 2018-Q3: Publishing data management services within this service catalog